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Tissot Replica Watches TAG HeuerThe Grand CARRERA Calibre 36 RS Caliper Concept Chronograph as featured on the dashboard of the limited edition Ken Okuyama-designed K.O.7 futuristic, high performance and eco-compatible sportscar.Indeed Ken Okuyama has managed to design an high performance GT sportscar with a limited environmental impact thanks to the systematic use of advanced light weight materials such as aluminum, titanium and carbon, enabling him to achieve an extraordinary horsepower to weight relationship.It offers a chance to enjoy the thrill of stunning accelerations as well as the pleasure of sporty driving while being environmentally responsible! Ken Okuyama's vision and commitment as shared by TAG Heuer may well become a must-have factor in the GT car industry in the near future. Tissot Replica WatchesJapanese Car Designer Ken Okuyama: "The interior of the K.O.7 was inspired by the Grand Carrera, and we mounted the extraordinary Grand CARRERA Calibre 36 RS Caliper Concept Chronograph on its dashboard.TAG Heuer chronographs are constructed in rich lightweight materials of the finest quality.Like the K.O.7, their powerful proportions catch your eye first, and then you discover the depth of refinement, the beautiful craftsmanship, and the attention to detail.Collaborating with TAG Heuer made it possible to demonstrate something in common between our two industries: an endless quest for quality, performances and design innovations driven by new technologies." The first mechanical automatic chronograph that measures and displays 1/10ths of a second and the only timepiece in history to inspire and feature in a GT sportscar! TAG Heuer has pulled off yet another world first: powered by a column wheel movement, the Grand CARRERA Calibre 36 RS Caliper Concept Chronograph is the only automatic chronograph capable of measuring and displaying 1/10ths of a second! Visible through a tinted double sapphire crystal, the COSC-certified movement oscillates at an astonishing 36,000 vibrations per hour.This enables the central seconds hand to tick off 1/10th second intervals, giving at-a-glance readings of an unparalleled exactitude - an engineering feat of the highest level.The breathtaking new creation has a stylish 43mm, black titanium carbide-coated case Tissot Replica Watches

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Tag Heuer Replica Watches is a brand that is highly complementary to LVMH's existing watch portfolio comprising TAG Heuer, the world leader in prestigious sport watches and chronographs, the Swiss Watch Manufacturer Zenith, Dior Montres, Louis Vuitton watches sold exclusively in Louis Vuitton stores, and the watch collections of jewellers Chaumet, Fred and De Beers. STRONG GROWTH POTENTIAL Hublot, which has its headquarters and workshops near Geneva, has started building a factory at Nyon to accommodate its expansion plans.Having grown at a rapid pace since 2004, the brand achieved net revenue of more than CHF150 million in 2007 with an excellent profitability.A very significant increase in revenue is expected in 2008. Today, Hublot has a very selective and efficient distribution network which is limited to 300 stores worldwide. Hublot has a well-balanced geographic footprint spanning Switzerland, Spain, France, Germany, the US, Latin America, Middle East, Russia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore...The brand has recently been launched in China and India and has strong growth potential in Asia, Japan, North America and in certain European markets.Tag Heuer Replica Watches EXCEPTIONAL WATCHES AND CHRONOGRAPHS Hublot offers ranges of exceptional quality watches that are innovative, very differentiated and combining fusions of materials, precious metals, (gold, platinum,...) technological metals (titanium, tantalum...), ceramics, diamonds and natural rubber. The renowned Big Bang collection includes models equipped with automatic movements whose prices range from €8,000 (steel and ceramic) to over €300,000, integrating precious metals and technical complexity. A new Big Bang collection for women was launched at the last Basel watch fair with great success. Finally, the traditional classic line has been recently redesigned using natural rubber, zircon, gold and ceramics. Carlo Crocco, founder of Hublot, said : "I am happy that Hublot, an innovative brand since is creation, is joining the LVMH group, the world leader in luxury goods, whose creative passion is without any doubt a value that I have always shared." Jean-Claude Biver, the architect of the success of the Big Bang collection and the recent strong growth of Hublot Tag Heuer Replica Watches

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Raymond Weil Replica watches Seiko Here is a shot of the new Concept/Limited Edition watch from Seiko, the Spring Drive Spacewalk. Very cool name and some very impressive specs, especially the case that is 53 mm L x 48.7 mm W. Hit the jump for official press images and for a lengthly but interesting press release. I visited the Seiko booth a few times during the Baselworld show and did not see this watch displayed, so I am guessing they are still preparing it for production. Check the specs below:Specifications: Caliber: Spring Drive Chronograph 5R86 Case: High-intensity Titanium Diameter 53.0 mm (12-6h) , 48.7 mm (3-9h) Thickness 15.2 mm Weight 92.5 g Glass: Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating Water resistance: 10 Bar Bracelet: The final specification is yet to be decided.SEIKO is now working with the Russian Federal Space Agency on the optimum design.Spring Drive Chronograph Caliber 5R86: Hour, minute and second hands with calendar GMT hand Power reserve indicator 50 jewels Movement Diameter: 30.0 mm Thickness: 7.6 mm Other:416 parts Power reserve: 72 hours with/without chronograph function in use Chronograph to 12 hours Official Seiko Press Release:SEIKO Spring Drive Spacewalk: The Quiet Revolution goes into space.In October 2008, Richard Garriott, the renowned video game designer and adventurer,Raymond Weil Replica watches will become the sixth private space explorer.Richard will conduct his space mission aboard the International Space Station, and during his flight, he intends to conduct a spacewalk, which would make him the first private individual to do so.As steps out into free space, he will be wearing a SEIKO Spring Drive watch, specially designed and built for this purpose.Three years ago, the "Quiet Revolution" of Spring Drive started, and all over the su***ce of the earth, Spring Drive is increasingly accepted as one of the most important new developments in luxury watch-***.In 2008, the revolution goes into space.This unique watch, the Spring Drive Spacewalk, is presented for the first time at Baselworld 2008 and takes pride of place in the new SEIKO Stand.The second generation in space. Richard Garriott is not only a remarkable entrepreneur and adventurer (see biography below) but he is also the son of a NASA astronaut.Richard's father, Dr.Owen Garriott, made two space flights, aboard Skylab in 1973 and aboard STS- 9/Spacelab-1 in 1983.In total, Owen spent 70 days in space and he carried SEIKO watches on both of these flights and wore one continuously during his Spacelab mission Raymond Weil Replica watches.

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Rado Replica Watches Last week, on the 8th of March, I attended the IWC show at Ace & Dik (AceJewelers.com) in Amsterdam. I was particularly interested in the new Portuguese with the dial of the red gold version and of course the new IWC Yacht-Club.One of the most interesting timepieces was the IWC Portuguese Grande Complication, as pictured above (and below). This flagship of the Portuguese collection (with reference number 3774) is a stunning time piece limited to only 50 pieces per year. This 45mm diameter automatic winding watch has a number of very cool features, like a chronograph, perpetual calendar with with displays for the day, date, month, year (in 4 digits) and perpetual moon phase. And last not but certainly not least, a minute re-peater (see below).I am testing the minute re-peater here. Conclusion: Works as designed. Price tag on this Grande Complication, +/- 170.000 Euro. The other perpetual calendars in the Portuguese family are pictured below, one in a stunning blue dial. However, I really am into the gold Portuguese perpetual calendar Other watches of interest were the new Portuguese Yacht-Club and the Ingenieur Zidane edition (500 pieces).Rado Replica Watches At first, I didnt get the Yacht-Club (ref.3902). The weird plastic looking red hand and the fragile chronograph pushers seemed a bit odd on a rough watch for sailers. However, the pushers are derived from the thingies on a boat which they use to wrap the rope around. That makes a bit more sense but doesnt explain the red second hand. The rubber strap is also nice, but an alligator strap might do the trick for this watch as well.Below, you see a picture of the IWC display with amongst others the Zidane Ingenieur, with a brown dial. The dial is irl chocolate brown, the 10′ hour marker is red and the rotor also has the number 10 engraved. This was of course the number of Zinedine Zidane when he was in the national league of France. Both the Yacht-Club with in-house chronograph movement and the Zidane Ingenieur with in-house 7-days movement are priced around 10K Euro.The IWC Portuguese 7-Days in stainless steel with the dial from the red gold model Portuguese wasnt my cup of tea after all. The applied hour markers and hands were too yellow-ish for my taste and the dial color doesnt match stainless steel Rado Replica Watches.